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BlueCloud CRM provides a platform to organise and track all customer, supplier, agent or partner interactions. BlueCloud CRM forms a contact base where contact history is managed and stored. All new events (phone calls, messages, meetings) connected with a contact, customer or company is easily logged and further interactions can be planned and implemented.

Customer acquisition, sales and marketing could not be easier. Using Blue Cloud CRM "Drip Mail" e-mail reminders, events, special occasions and greetings can all be scheduled in advance. Customers are able to make appointments, book services or visits online using Blue Cloud CRM shared diary facility.

Whether you are a new or a more established business looking for a risk-free introduction to customer management software? Look no further than our Startup Edition! This all-in-one system has it all with unlimited email, sales & marketing automation, project & order management, customisable dashboards and much more

"BlueCloud does everything we need it to. It's extremely easy to use and the e-mail marketing section is great for communicating with our client base. I would recommend this product to any small business looking to use a CRM"
C Bathews - Skye Recruit
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